Welcome to the 2023
Stroll for Liver!

Every year, hundreds of Canadians rally together and join the Stroll for liver. We do this to help raise awareness and vital funds to propel life-changing research forward. We do this to help find cures and better treatment options for the people who need help right now. And we do this to make sure that anybody living with a liver disease in Canada can access the support they deserve.

Taking place Sunday, June 11, 2023, the Stroll for Liver is the Canadian Liver Foundation’s biggest national fundraising event of the year. It’s a great way to fundraise for important research and support for people living with liver disease today. Strolling is also an amazing opportunity to honour people we have lost from liver disease.

We are excited to announce this year’s Stroll for Liver will be IN-PERSON in certain locations across Canada! Register in one of the participating cities, if there isn’t a location near you, register and get your family friends, neighbors and colleagues to join you as you ‘Stroll Your Way’!

Click on the Register button above to register for the Stroll or click on the name of an individual or team in the scoreboards below to sponsor them:

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Your Impact

Funding Research
The CLF proudly funds Canada’s top liver experts as well as promising new investigators and trainees who will carry on this country’s research legacy, all thanks to your donations. Through grants, partnerships and projects funded by you, we are bringing liver research to life for all Canadians.

Community Support
A cornerstone of our work is the community support we’re able to provide to the many Canadians affected by liver disease. Your donations and participation in the Stroll for Liver helps us continue to fund our National Help Line, a resource that gives people somewhere to turn for answers after diagnosis, helps them understand their disease, and provides them with the resources they need. Donations also fund community programs like our LIVERight Health Forum and Living With Liver Disease support groups. You also help us raise the visibility and awareness of the Peer Support Network, a national network of people living with liver disease that have offered to share their experiences with others.

Education & Advocacy
Participating in the Stroll and donating to the CLF also helps us continue creating and sharing educational resources that cover over 100 different liver diseases. From webinars to important awareness campaigns, in-depth information and resources on our websites, and in-school education about liver disease, your support helps us ensure all Canadians know and understand the breadth and impact of liver disease.

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