Personal Fundraiser

There are a countless number of ways that you can get involved with the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) and help Canadians who are facing liver disease.

Whether you are organizing or participating in an event, or simply wish to use your passions to raise life-changing funds for the CLF, you’re in the right place!

One in four Canadians may experience the effects of liver disease in their lifetime, but your support gives them help today and hope for the future. Proceeds from your fundraiser will go towards life-changing liver research, patient support programs, and education and advocacy to reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease on the lives of Canadians.

All donations made to the CLF are eligible for a tax receipt.

How it works


Create your personal fundraising page and set your fundraising goal. We’ve listed some ideas below to spark your fundraising creativity.


Make your page your own! Add photos and share why you’re choosing to raise funds for the CLF.


Spread the word and start fundraising! Send your donation link to friends, family and peers via email, and share the news of your fundraiser across your social media platforms.

% of Goal


Donations Raised

Here are some fundraising ideas to get you started

Exercise class

Do you attend a weekly fitness class? Work with your local gym or fitness studio to see if fees (or a portion of fees) from a specific class could be directed to the Canadian Liver Foundation.

Ask for pledges for a run or walk event

Are you gearing up for your next half-marathon or walkathon? Ask your community to make a pledge for every minute, kilometre, or step that you run or walk!

Ask your friends and family for a donation in lieu of special occasion gifts

Here’s how you can raise $500 in one week:

  • Ask four relatives to donate $25
  • Ask six friends to donate $25
  • Ask five co-workers to donate $20
  • Ask five neighbours to donate $10
  • Ask your partner, spouse, or roommate to donate $50